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Williamsburg, VA

Williamsburg was settled in 1632, it was the capital of Virginia from 1699 to 1779 but declined after the capital was moved to Richmond. In 1926 a large-scale restoration project, financed mainly by John D. Rockefeller, Jr., was begun, in which some 700 modern buildings were removed, 83 colonial buildings were renovated, and more than 400 buildings were reconstructed on their original sites. The city is now a popular tourist center and the seat of William and Mary College (established 1693).

When I last visited Williamsburg it was with my 4 very young children.  I don't remember the year but it had to be in the 1970s.  Trust me, many things have NOT changed and many things have.  Of course the renovation has brought about many new "Old" buildings.  But the Governor's Palace, Capitol, Court House and many trade buildings are still as they were. 

WE attended a mock trial, listened to Patrick Henry talk about his day, heard Benedict Arnold tell us from horse back that the English Crown would win and we should join their effort or die for an act of treason!  This place is a must see for every child.  I suppose there isn't a perfect age but certainly a visit would be helpful by the time they reach their teens.  For sure a visit would help them understand more about the beginning of the USA!

Governor's Palace

The second floor views of the area were marvelous.

Foyer displayed rifles

and swords.

200 year old organ.

Dining room

Early desk and chairs dating around 1780

Nice kite and piano


Beds were 6 feet long.  The curtain makes them look far shorter than they are.

Kids bed

Fire place was lined with special tiles

Work room with a napping sofa

Tour guide tells us about the Palace gardens.

Di, Will and Jane

Magazine a/k/a where the powder and arms were kept.

If you know your Latin, maybe you can determine this is the court house.

Mock trial is in session!

Benedict Arnold tries to convince us the King will win the war!

The Declaration on Independence is read from the balcony of the Capitol Building.

After reading the declaration, the assembly was dismissed.

Preacher and servant attended the reading.

Patrick Henry was fabulous.  Give me Liberty or Give me Death!

Wigs were different and told you rank, i.e. General, Captain, politician, etc.  They lasted for 3 or 4 years.

Capitol building --- This chair was occupied by the governor.

The map shows the states of NC, SC as straight west.  They didn't know how far land stretched.

Conference room.


Grand Court room where serious crimes were tried.  Treason, murder were among the cases brought here.

Bohea and Hyson are teas -- Weston, Scotch and Rappe are tobacco snuff.

The wig lady's shop.

Theater actors.

Pleasant conversation on a perfect weather day!

George Washington addresses the troops.

Entry onto the battle field was led by the fife and drum corps.



--Aim and Fire!

and fire again!

Load and fire the cannon!

Duck and cover your ears!

Hold your position!

Smoke ring from the cannon!!

Heading home.

Rich and Will

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