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South Africa

Our friends and fellow Safari Hunters

For those for you that have visited the "Daley News" in the past, you know the routine that follows.  I use the site to be my "Photo Album".  That includes words about the trip so I can call the site up years from now and remind myself of the where, why, who, when, etc.

We started our journey on Monday 1/2/06.  The Evans' reside in Indiana and we reside on Hilton Head Island.  The other folks reside in BH. The two PGA Pros that designed the trip teach at BH.  Andrew Rice is Director of Golf Instruction.  His assistant was Andrew Swindon through the summer months.  The Pros got together and conceptually  planned a trip to their home country - South Africa.  They toured the country locating the best facilities.  They arranged the entire trip from transportation, rooms, tee times, dinning, wine tasting, sight seeing etc.  What follows is my brief synopsis of the events that took place.

Click here for ----->  Monday 1/2, Tuesday 1/3 and Wednesday 1/4 Sun City S. Africa
Click here for ----->  Thursday 1/5, Friday 1/6 Sun City continued  Sun City golf and sculptures
Click Here for----->   1 - Friday 1/6 Makanyane Lodge and Elephants
Click Here for----->   2 - Saturday 1/7 morning Makanyane  Warthog, wildebeest, kudu
Click Here for----->   3 - Saturday 1/7 evening Makanyane  Impala, jackal, giraffe
Click Here for----->   4 - Lions King of the jungle and his family
Click Here for----->   5 - Sunday 1/8 morning Makanyane Evening safari with friends
Click Here for----->   6 - More Makanyane!  Waterbok, Bushbuck, Kudu, great white hunter!
Click Here for----->   7 - Our last day at Makanyane!  Elephant, Dogs, Giraffe
Click Here for----->   Cape Town  Cape Town, Table Mountain, Hamilton Russell winery
Click Here for----->   Cape Town # 2  Cape Town, Green Market, Cape of good hope
Click Here for----->   Hermanus  Photo shoot

Click Here for----->   Knysna  Mountain climbing, golf at Fan Court, George