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2/25/20 Tuesday 6:00 AM


We spent a couple hours spreading mulch at Sea Pines. It began raining at 3 AM this morning. I am in a time jam with 4 appointments beginning at 8 AM.


Lots to do and limited time! Gotta run!





2/24/20 Monday 8:00 AM


It is warming up from low 52 to 60. Rain is on its way.


Ken and Amanda headed to Ocala at 2 PM Sunday. We had a delightful visit. Ken completed our 2019 income tax computation. I will deliver the filing to our CPA. We will receive a couple buck$ back!


Amanda purchased a few items for their new home in Ocala. We had a tear in our eyes as they headed home. Hope they return soon!





2/22/20 Saturday 8:00 AM


BBBUUUURRRRRR! Looks are deceiving! Mr. Sun is smiling, temp 36.


Ken and Amanda headed for the gym and will return at 10 AM. The gals will go shopping.


Ken and I will ready data for the IRS. We hope to organize data for submission to the IRS. For sure we will not have 100 % of the data.





2/20/20 Thursday 8:00 AM


Winter is here! May not see 50 today!


Have many irons in the fire today. First workmen will arrive at 9 AM. Will meet them here at Tide Pointe. Then off to Sea Pines for another meeting.


Not enough time to post more right now!





2/17/20 Monday 6:30 AM


Our weather has turned awful. It will be cold and rainy for the next 4 days.


Ken and Amanda will be here for the weekend. Ken will help figure our 2019 income taxes. I hope I have all the data.


Amanda and Diane will be shopping. I wonder which will have purchased most items. Amanda and Ken just bought a new home. Trust me, they will have wonderful time!





2/14/20 Friday 7:00 AM


Di hosted a card competition. Some won, others lost. That's the way it goes!


I will visit Sea Pines this AM. I hope Mr. Rainman arrives as foretasted. The upper deck will be cleaned; question is, will I have to use Mr. Hose?


Kris has been treating us to dinner. She designs the menu, serves dinner, serves dessert and cleans up!





2/13/20 Thursday 7:00 AM


Kris arrived from Atlanta and stopped at Jordan's new home. He has owned the home for about a month. It is a "FIX IT UP" home. The physical structure from steps to roof top need attention.


In the meantime, Kris will enjoy grand weather! 70 and NO Rain .


I am planning on heading to the Tide Pointe gym this AM. I'll stay away from the pool. I don't float well!





2/12/20 Tuesday 7:00 AM


We enjoyed a perfect weather day. I saw my shadow from dawn to night.


No excuses, we are free to enter all exercise opportunities. The swimming programs are not just swimming, they are exercise in the pool water. Di still is recovering from a fall weeks ago. She should benefit from these programs.


I will head to NSP to clear the drive, pool deck and patio.


When we go to dinner, we often join others. Most tables are set with four seats. Of course we can sit by ourselves; we rarely do that. Yesterday we joined a senior citizen! 92 years young and his mind was flawless! We enjoyed dinner and the conversation!





2/11/20 Tuesday 6:40 AM


Temp is on the climb! We may see 70 by days end!


Office visit to Dr. Sack was successful. Permission granted for exercise classes.


We have a few errands to run off island. Di has an appointment near Sams. I'll drop her off for a facial; I will visit Sam's and fill the gas tank.


I want to visit the Tide Pointe gym. We have forwarded detail from Dr. Sack that will finish the detail for entry.





2/9/20 Sunday 7:00 AM


BBBUUUURRRRR! Temp is 43. We will not see 60 today.


Ken and Amanda will visit in a couple weeks. It is time to gather facts for the IRS. I have the beginning data organized but need to locate a lot more.


We dined with a couple that loves to play cards. Tide Pointe has several venues.


Today will be an inside day. Give us a call if you have time.





2/8/20 Saturday 7:00 AM


I look forward to local news. The Island Packet is a 6 day newspaper. Saturday is a "NO DAY" newspaper. The normal size is small anyway.


I must tune up my air blower. I have all the fixings here in the garage. Once it is operating, I'll head to Sea Pines and blow off the pool deck and driveway. Still no lookers. It may be late March before buyers start their search. I sure hope we are on their list.


Soon it will be income tax time. Ken promised to make a trip to HHI and guide me threw the IRS filing.





2/7/20 Friday 6:00 AM


I just took a walk around the perimeter of our home. All seems fine. We had a 60 MPH wind pass by at midnight. I'll get a better view once Mr. Sun awakens. So far, there is no damage.


I am keeping a list of folks we dine with. I should take a pic also. I am lucky to remember their names at the end of dinner. Thankfully, Di has a much better memory!


Roger called from California yesterday. All is well.


154 NSP is still standing. Have not received on offer. AAARRRRRGGGGG!





2/6/20 Thursday 7:30 AM


Looks like a cold wet day ahead.


Were you surprised by the votes? Trump won both issues. So what is next?


If we could sell 154 NSP it would sure ease my attitude. Mum has been the word. No tickle$ on 154 NSP. I am not a good waiter!!





2/5/20 Wednesday 7:30 AM


Our temp never did rise to 60. We should see 68 today.


Every time I attempted tightening the screw on the fixture over the range, it fell out. Aaarrgggg!! I bet it took a dozen attempts before it was tightly screwed in place!


So much for President Trump. He will have a herd of democrats vying for his job. What is your guess, Trump for four more years?


Come on Mr. Weatherman, give us break! We are expecting warmer!