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Setting sun, Colorado!


10/11/19 Friday 9:30 AM.


I did a myriad of things yesterday. I finally finished creating BD cards for 2019. Creating the cards is fun! Hunting for recent pics is not as easy as you might think. In earlier years we got together often. Not so now. Grandchildren are in college or out and favorably employed. Having family in CA, CO, TX, GA, OH, MA, NY, FL, SC adds to the challenge of taking their picture!


Di wants to watch the Judy Garland movie today. Tomorrow we will be watching college football and Sunday Pro football. I picked a perfect mate. Diane loves sports as much as me!


I tried a couple ways but failed. Someday I will solve the posting pictures on my site. FileZilla is NOT the answer. I gave up on that solution!





10/10/19 Thursday 8:30 AM.


Di and I are heading in different directions. She has a hair appointment. I am heading to HHICC for a lesson on the latest version of Word. She has invited three gals over to play Mahjong.


Roger is sleeping in. He had a tough schedule yesterday. He arose at 5 AM to catch a plane in Boston at 7 AM. He arrived at HHI airport at 10 AM.


We will all return at 4 PM!


Mr. Packet is on the drive. Di wants to do the crossword. I'll fetch the paper and begin a PC project. I'll be on my way to HHICC this afternoon.





10/9/19 Wednesday 10:30 PM.


Roger lands at HHIAP at 10:15 AM. I have a job-jar that will keep him busy for sure!


My morning is open. I hope to post a few pics taken Saturday. Every time a try to post them, Mr. Interruption busts in.


Dr. Root extracted the remaining tooth yesterday. This morning I feel fine. It will be several weeks before a false tooth will be ordered. Us old folks get used to replacing old parts!


Roger will concentrate his energy rewiring the several electric plugs Di also wants the last BR pained. Another task for Roger.





10/7/19 Tuesday 10:30 PM.


We are waiting for word - we either were chosen or passed selling our "Home". Di is calm, I am stressed! We should hear by Thursday.


I have selected 6 images for the CCHHI photo posting. I lost the details to use FileZilla. This software is how I posted pics in the past. I Think I have another way to do it.


Dr. Root and I will meet at 8 AM. He will x- ray and set an appointment to have the root extracted.


We had rain in the forecast today, Wednesday should be dry and in the mid 80's. Fall has Sprung!!





10/6/19 Monday 10:40 AM


Today I vow to post a different photo above.


We are in a rush this AM. DeDe has booked a return visit for a couple that toured our home last week.


I am off to HHICC at 10 AM and will return at 4 PM. Sorry but I am out of time now. I hope to find time at the HHICC to edit the pics I took on Saturday.


....... Later....



10/6/19 Sunday 7:40 AM


I attended a photo shoot with members of the CCHHI. We had plenty of sunshine in SAV while HHI was getting a severe rainstorm. I have yet to select 4 winners out of 115 images of model airplanes flying, diving, rolling, etc. We were blessed with sunshine for an hour, then clouds rolled in. We headed for home at 1 PM and as soon as we arrived in downtown SAV, the rain began! It was awful. Rain fell so hard we never exceeded 35 MPH. It took twice as long to get to HHI than on a normal weather day!


I must select select four images for the CCHHI monthly newsletter. That will not be easy for I took 103 images!


Yea OSU! I must call Chuck and deliver my condolence.





10/4/19 Friday 6:30 AM


I have changed bedtime to 11 PM and rising to 7 AM. I fetched Mr. Packet, completed my exercise program and just began typing my log. Sharon, don't panic. Daley News will be posted an hour later in the AM!


We plan on heading to Sam's to shop. It will be lunch time by the time we head back to HHI. I wonder where Di will want to stop for lunch?


Dave, I am still unable access my site using FileZilla. Maybe we can chat over the weekend!


Since we will pass by Tide Pointe, we will stop and drop off more belongings.





10/02/19 Wednesday 3:00 PM.


We have a busy day ahead. Di is having guests coming over to play Mahjong. I'll head to HHICC.


The Camera Club is going to nearby football field to observe planes take off, flying, looping, diving, etc.! Yes, they are man-made models! Rain is in the forecast. Hope it doesn't call off the event.


The days have been fantastic for taking a dip in the pool. I spent several hours reading poolside. The pool water is a perfect 88 degrees.


I headed to HHICC at 10 AM.





10/01/19 Tuesday 7:00 AM.


It is pitch dark on a clear day and Mr. Packet can not be seen. Mr. Sun hides longer as the days pass.


This AM, I will visit the dentist for my six-month cleaning. Yuk!


We had a potential buyer visit our home. Have not heard a word about their interest in buying. At least we know there are buyers on the island!


I will attend a session at the computer club this afternoon. Days are flying bye!





9/30/19 Monday 7:30 AM.


Yea for the Browns! They whooped Baltimore 40 to 25.


Life on HHI is wonderful. Temp is in the upper 80s during the day. Mr. Sun has been shining. Forecast is sunshine every day this week. I am watering flora in the front, Di is doing the same in the back.


We have loaded a car with all sorts of stuff. We will head to the dump at 11:00 AM and stop at Tide Pointe for lunch. This day will be wonderful!





9/29/19 Sunday 6:30 AM.


I watch these favorite Teams. OSU 48 - Nebraska 7; Clemson 21- NC 20; Ole Miss 31, Alabama 59; Washington 13, Utah 38. Sorry Will and Jane.


We attended a "bring food" and enjoy neighbors of Spruce Ct. There are 30 homes on Spring Ct. We had a delightful time. I will not remember many names. Di will do much better remembering them.


This afternoon will be NFL game day. Can't wait to see how the Browns play. Old favorites are hard to replace!





9/28/19 Saturday 6:30 AM.


We said goodbye to Roger. He arrived safely in Boston. We hope he will return soon. We have a few electricity issues he will address. Until we move, these will wait.


The large cabinet fit into the elevator. It is the beginning of large items being relocated to Tide Pointe.


Go Buckeyes!


We will attend a party for all residents on Spruce street. Di has baked a large sheet cake. Others will bring items also. We are excited to meet our neighbors!





9/25/19 Wednesday 9:00 AM.


I went to the computer club. I have been having trouble with pop-ups. Just when I open the phone, advertising appears. It stops me from activating the phone. I have a computer friend stopping by at 10 AM. My address book has been hacked also! AAAARRRRRGGGGGGG!


Roger and Jordan attempted to move a large cabinet to Tide Pointe. The elevator was not working. We hope to solve that issue this AM.


Sorry I am late in posting this. Busy day ahead!





9/24/19 Tuesday 7:30 AM.


Roger finished painting the walls at 6 Spruce Ct. We toasted to the end of painting! It took two weeks and the help of Kathy, Mark, Kelly, Kris and Roger to complete the job. I promise to take a few pics today. The rooms are empty and waiting for the sale of 154 N. Sea Pines to occur.


I am on AM duty at HHICC today. I will attend a session this afternoon reviewing features for posting images to my site.


Roger plans to leave for Boston Friday. He is a Saint in my book. He directed the painting of Spruce Ct.





9/23/19 Monday 7:30 AM.


Roger joined us for lunch at Tide Pointe Sunday. The buffet was excellent. We headed for home at 1:30 PM to watch pro-football.


The Browns played very well even though they lost Browns 13 to Ram's 20.


Roger plans to leave for Boston Friday.


All is well! Not much to say when all we did was watch pro-football!