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Setting sun, Colorado!


8/22/19 Thursday 7:00 AM


All is well on HHI. The temp will be in the low 80's today. Fall is the air. We may not see 90 degrees until 2020!


Di is having friends over to play Mahjong. I see she has Daley Cinnamon rolls on the menu. I just ate one and they are fabulous! Yum, Yum!!


Jordan has requested lessons in baking. I am thrilled to teach him to make Daley bread. Stromboli and other varieties will be learned in subsequent lessons.


I will meet Don for lunch today. Perhaps Don and Donna will join us for lunch at Hinchey's Friday.





8/21/19 Wednesday 7:00 AM.


Finally, a day in the 80's. We may see rain later this week.


We tried to locate the "Pop-up" source. Friends at the HHICC tried and tried to no avail. Just as we were ready to give up the pop-up activated. Jim immediately clicked on the pop-up. Hallelujah, it changed to a request for information. NO, we do not like the ad, yes we want the ad deleted. Hooray, we eliminated the annoying pop-up!


Our neighbor to the north has a tree that needs to be cut down. It is on his property but 10 feet from our property line. I chatted with him yesterday and he will have the tree removed next week. I am sure glad I spotted it before the storms in September and October!





8/20/19 Tuesday 7:30 AM.


Our drive is DRY!


I will head to HHICC to meet Jolyn at noon. I have annoying "pop up" messages. When I turn on the phone, an ad for a Chevrolet precedes answering the phone. I sure hope she can solve that issue!


We have not had any action on our home. It reminds me of fishing. No bites! AAARRRRGGGGGG!





8/19/19 Monday 6:00 AM.

Great talking to Russell's. Pleased to hear all is well in Seattle.


8/17/19 Saturday 5:40 AM.


Mark is on his way to FL. We wish him safe travel. My guess is he will be home in 8 hours.


We have no plans for this weekend. Want to chat? We will be home most of the day.


I will head back to bed soon. The sheets are in the washing machine. We will be ready for our next guests by 9 AM!





8/16/19 Friday 7:00 AM.


Mark locked his truck last night and left his keys inside. AAAARRRGGGGGGG!! Of course it will take a while to get a lock specialist come to his rescue!


I will head to see Mr. Phoneman. I continue to have an advertisement appear. Somehow a virus has crept into my phone.


We plan on meeting Don and Donna for lunch. We will be watching the PGA event in the afternoon.





8/15/19 Thursday 7:00 AM.


Mark assembled the table that joins the two kitchen chairs. I am not good at reading and following instructions. The table starts with upside down assembly. I may have finished it in a couple days; Mark finished it in 40 minutes.


Today is a quiet day. Rosie, your BD card is in the mail! Steve yours is also in the mail. September BD cards will soon be on my task list!





8/13/19 Tuesday 7:00 AM.


We received the kitchen table and chairs Di ordered a few days ago. It came in pieces. Mark joined us and he assembled the pieces. We now have wonderful chairs. The table awaits more pieces! Hopefully today we will finish the assembly.


I will visit Dr. GP this morning. My blood pressure has been excellent. This may be a fast in and out meeting!





8/12/19 Monday 7:00 AM.


We watched the PGA event most of the afternoon. Patrick Reed won. The field will be reduced again for the next PGA event. We will be pulling for Jordan. Since the field has been cut, I notice the fans have also reduced. The next PGA event will be the last in this format.


We went to the drug store to have my blood pressure confirmed - 134/78 54. Although the info was excellent, I was feeling crummy. I have a routine Dr. check up on Wednesday.





8/11/19 Sunday 7:30 AM.


My last request from Di was to bake cinnamon rolls. It is quite a process. First, I will get the ingredients in a line. Then The glass baking dishes. In three hours later the aroma will waken our taste buds. I wish you were here to enjoy the them!





8/10/19 Saturday 7:20 AM.


We are sorry to hear Tiger resigned from the PGA event. Sore back muscles. Could this mean he is over forever?


We had a family walk through but did not enter an offer for our home. Having activity should pick up now that schools are in session. We are keeping our fingers crossed!


Mark will install a new neon light in the garage. Neon lights are not easy items to replace. It is not just the light tube, the entire apparatus will be replaced.


We should have a sunny day. Mark is planning on meeting Katie at the beach after lunch. We will be watching the PGA, go Justin!





8/09/19 Friday 7:00 AM.


As you know I love the early AM. I decided to bake two loaves of bread for two grand friends. The first is my auto repair expert. He will replace tires on our '13 Lexus at 9 AM. When he finishes, I will give Leo, our neighbor at Tide Pointe, a loaf for keeping watch on our home. He called yesterday. "Rich, you forgot to shut your garage door". He closed it!


I have a few errands to run. I should be home by 10 AM.


Di will join me for lunch at DQ 12:15. Don and Donna will join us.


For sure we will be watching the PGA event. Each day the field is reduced. Come on Justin!


I'll be in front of the TV by 2:00 PM!





8/08/19 Thursday 7:00 AM.


I gathered all sorts of items. I bought the correct size Microwave oven. It only required a smaller unit. It is plugged in at 6 Spruce Court and ready to go!


We got blasted with a heavy rain and lightning last night. It looks like leaves and a huge PM are evidence of the storm this AM.


I bought a 4 foot neon light. Mark said he would install it tonight. He is here helping Jordan clean windows.


I have long to-do list. When I am busy, time flies!