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Rosey, After messing around for 20 minutes I lightened the foreground.  All it takes is software, patience and time.  Although it is better it isn't the sky color I want.

As most of my readers know, this is my photo album and it includes a lot of words about the trip.  In years to come I can revisit the trip. The names and details begin fleeting as soon as we head to the next stop!

We left Hilton Head Island, SC on Wednesday 9/20/06 for Geneva.  It still amazes me when I see our luggage come down the ramp.  Not all of us were that lucky.  One tourist never did get her luggage.  After going through Gatwick AP we landed in Geneva 9/21 around noon.  We took an expensive $75 cab ride to our hotel.  Might have saved $60 if we knew where and how to take the train.  But finding the hotel from the train station would have been a walk wheeling our heavy luggage.  Chalk it up to "Live and Learn".  When we left Geneva for Montreaux we did wheel our luggage to the train station.  It took a mere 10 minutes but we had walked to the station the day before.  We knew every step and turn to take and that included getting to tack #6!  It took about an hour to get to Montreaux from Geneva. 

Might as well tell you we got on the first car not knowing it was First Class.  The conductor asked for another $50 or move to the common folks car, which we did!  The car was nearly full; Di got a seat, I stood between the cars with my luggage.  It was a blast!  I met two Italian cyclists.  They had their bikes and backpacks with them.  One of the fellows spoke pretty good English.  We talked about their 5 days of biking.  They were on their way back to Milan. 

Our first afternoon was spent unpacking, eating, cat napping, walking and eating again. The time difference was 6 hours ahead of EDT. We were both exhausted by the time 8:30 PM rolled around.  Mr. Sandman paid us a mighty fine visit!  We slept from 8:30 PM to 8:00 AM!  Now that was a good rest!  We headed to the Old Town and the photos will tell the story better than words.  Click on the pages below to view photos.

Click here ----> Geneva, Switzerland
Click here ----> Montreux and Gstaad
Click here ----> Chateau de Chillon
Click here ----> Zermott
Click here ----> Mountains on the way to Tirano, Italy
Click here ----> Tirano, Italy
Click here ----> On the way to Innsbruck
Click here ----> Salzburg
Click here ----> Innsbruck Ski Jump
Click here ----> Innsbruck City Tour
Click here ----> Innsbruck Farewell Dinner
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